Usher Says Woman Suing Him Isn't His Type

A woman is suing Usher for allegedly exposing her to genital herpes, however, Usher denies having slept with her, saying she’s not his type.

The lawsuit was brought forward by Quantasia Sharpton who says she came into contact with the famous singer after one of his concerts. She was celebrating her 19th birthday, birthday, crown and all when one of Usher’s security guards asked her if she wanted to go on stage. Then she says that she provided Usher her number, and after the concert, he came to her hotel room and the two had sex.

That’s where it would have ended if not for reports surfacing last month that Usher allegedly has been diagnosed with the Herpes Simplex 2 virus - the virus that causes genital herpes. Sharpton claims she would never have slept with Usher had he disclosed his medical status prior.

Usher hasn’t denied the fact that he has herpes, however, sources speaking with TMZhe denies ever sleeping with Sharpton. He admits, according to sources, that he may have invited Sharpton up on stage as the singer "looks to bring a diverse group of people up onstage, not just supermodels," but that she isn’t his type when it comes to after-hours antics.


Another source adds that it’s an “esteem booster” to single out women that don’t fit the media’s mold for beauty.

The lawsuit was announced Monday morning at a press conference. Celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom is representing Sharpton, and they are seeking unspecified damages.

Since the press conference, Usher fans have been quick to point out a questionable Facebook post on Sharpton’s timeline that reads, “I need some money,” followed by several sad emojis. Bloom came to her client's defense stating, “It's not a crime to be poor in America.” She also points out the suit is not seeking a specific amount in damages, and only what the jury deems fair.

Bloom also says that Sharpton has been repeatedly fat-shamed online since Monday.


Since news broke of Usher’s alleged infection, several others have come forward with similar lawsuits, saying the singer slept with and possibly infected them and did not disclose his medical condition before engaging in congress. So far, three other individuals, two women, and one man are pressing charges but have not come forward publicly as Sharpton has.

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Usher Says Woman Suing Him Isn't His Type