Woman Melts Internet's Cold Dead Hearts With Pictures Of Her Surprise Pug

We're nowhere near Valentine's Day and yet this is an adorable love story for the ages.

Claire Halleran had been dreaming of having her own pug since she was a kid. Her boyfriend, Daniel Smith, who's been dating Halleran since they were 14 years old, knows all about her pug puppy obsession.

Now that they're both 21, Daniel decided to make his girlfriend's dream come true, and he even got permission from her parents to do so! On Halleran's birthday, Smith presented her with this cute card which at first glance seems to be from Hallmark.

Little did she know, it was custom made and the photo on the front was Halleran's future pup!

Halleran told Buzzfeed, "When I opened the card, I cried for a good five minutes. I was just in shock."

We'd be crying too! Look at how adorable he is!

Best day everrrrr❤️

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Halleran won't be able to take him home just yet, the little guy is 6 weeks old! The couple decided to name him after their favorite character from "The Office," so this little nugget will be known as Dwight from here on out.

In the meantime, women and men everywhere are wondering if they'll ever find their own Daniel.

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