When A 'Regular' Yacht Is Not Enough!

The Xhibitionist, designed by Eduard Gray is a cleverly engineered machine. It is an extremely modern yacht with functions and features that many wouldn't even think of!

Here are some stunning images of this work of art!

Can you tell what it looks like form this picture?

How about now?

The world's top yacht, viewed from the top!

While this yacht was designed to perform various tasks, the most obvious one is to steal the show.

The side of the Xhibitionist makes it look like The Batmobile.

OceanLED provided the Evening lighting. They have ensured that the Xhibitionist marks its territory, from dusk till dawn.

This yacht turns heads, from whichever angle you see it.

Imagine watching a sunset from one of these sofas...

You wouldn’t want to spend that much money on a yacht without a helipad. Don't worry, it's included in the price.

The Helipad  has various uses besides the obvious one, such as hosting a celebrity DJ or a live band on the platform.

The fly deck is where all the relaxation takes place. There are two areas, one of them with a Jacuzzi to provide the ultimate experience for guests.

And if guests are not blown away by the exterior, wait till they see this:

And if you or your guests still get bored, a little shopping wouldn't hurt.

Just because you have a great yacht, you shouldn't ignore your other toys!

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