What's Better Than One Heidi Klum? Six of Them!

They call her the Halloween Queen, because she "wins" Halloween every year with her outrageous, creative, and extravagant costumes. But this year, German supermodel and America's Got Talent judge Heidi Klum won Halloween without even dressing up! She showed up at her annual over-the-top Halloween party as herself, with five other Heidi's in tow. She was a "Heidi Klone"!

That is pretty freaking awesome when you think about it. Simple, different, and just what every guy would want: six of the beautiful, blonde Victoria's Secret model.

Getting Ready

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Heidi and her five model lookalikes got ready at the $16 million penthouse she borrowed for the night. To a backdrop of amazing Manhattan views, the "sextuplets" teased social media about the costume beforehand with pictures of makeup, hair, and tidbits of info but no real clues, leaving people wondering even more than they already were what she would dress up as this year.

The six blonde bombshells were decked out in ivory and gold Herve Leger leotards, nude boots, and prosthetics. The women who are not Heidi donned synthetic replicas of her face and blonde wigs. Apparently, making the replicas was very difficult because after casting Heidi's face, each girl had to have her own face cast and then the Heidi mold fitted to them individually.

The Inspiration

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Heidi says she got the idea having a thought that most of us have at some point or another: that she wishes there were more of her to get everything done. So she made it happen! For the star-studded bash in New York City, the mom of four surprised everyone as usual with her elaborate get-up, and surprising people is her favorite part.

The Venue

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This was the 17th year in a row that Heidi threw her epic celebration, and it was held in NYC's "clubstaurant" Vandal, where drinks were served by waitresses in bloody labcoats. Some notable guests were Gabrielle Union, Orange is the New Black stars Danielle Brooks and Jackie Cruz, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, and Ice-T and his wife CoCo.

Her Costume Repertoire

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In the past, Heidi has wowed with her costumes. They were not always crazy (one year she was a grandmother), but the sheer detail she put into each one was quite impressive. Some of her costumes over the years include Lady Godiva, Betty Boop, a witch, forbidden fruit, a cat, a Hindu goddess, a "visible woman" (her body was painted to show her muscular body structure), an ape, Golden Cleopatra, a butterfly, and Jessica Rabbit, among others.

Sources: businessinsider.com, etonline.com

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