What Happens When You're Drunk In 2014

What doesn't happen when your drunk! Some of the best I mean worse, I mean... let's just say drinking is always unpredictable and here are some of the things you wish you saw coming.

1. You Shit Your Pants

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2. You Slap Someone You Might Regret Slapping

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3. You Wake Up Covered In Glitter

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4. You Beat Up Your Sisters Boyfriend

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That Is Solange Attacking Her Sister Beyonce's Husband Jay Z

5. You Send A Snapchat Of Your Side chick To Your Girlfriend

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6. You Sleep With That Crazy Stalker Co-Worker

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7. You And The Guys Get A Little Wild....... With Each Other

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8. You Pop A Pill For The First Time And Make Up A Dance

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9. You Pee In Your Cat's Litter Box

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10. You Add A Dance To Your Break Up

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11. Random People Demonstrate Their Artistic Limitations... On Your Face


12. You Accidentally Break Something Valuable


13. Nude Photos Of You Are Leaked!..  Well Promoted By Your Drunk Alter Ego

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14. You Pre-Game And Never Make It To The Main Event

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15. You Go On A Raging Rant Tagging Everyone Involved

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16. You Use Your Pet's Butt As A Pillow

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17. You Use The Doggy Door To Get Into The House

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18. You Take Really Drunk Selfies

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19. Your Dance Moves Look Like A Birds Mating Call

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20. You Only Remember Loud Music Playing

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21. Your Plan To Cuss Out Your Ex Turns Into A Booty Call

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22. You Sleep With A Stranger Who Turns Out To Be Your Boss

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23. You Punch Your Best Friend In The Face

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