TV Star Passes Out During Live TV Show

Wendy Williams suddenly fainted during her live television show on Halloween. She was in the middle of a sentence when she abruptly stopped speaking. After that, she lost her balance and fell to the ground. The staff immediately rushed to her aid and the live show quickly took an unplanned commercial break.

Williams said after the show that this was not a stunt. She got overheated from the costume she was wearing and this caused her to pass out. Heat stroke is the common term for when a person's temperature rises too much. A person can suddenly black out and fall down unconscious. The problem is made worse if the person is dehydrated.

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This can happen in hot outside temperatures or, as was with Williams' case, under the hot lights of a television production studio. The tight-fitting costume that Wendy was wearing made matters worse because it trapped in the heat. Heavy makeup also blocked her pores making it difficult for her skin to perspire properly

USA Today reported that after the show came back from the commercials, Williams mostly recovered. In the entertainment industry, there's a saying "the show must go on" like the trooper she is, Williams continued on to the end of the live show.


Williams is thankful for all the well wishes from her fans. She told everyone that she is doing fine now. All she needed was some water and electrolytes to restore the balance to her system. Electrolytes are the salts, like sodium and potassium, which need to be at the proper levels in the bloodstream to avoid dehydration.

Wendy also told Ebony that she is at the age where women experience menopause. Menopause is a natural condition that comes as women get older. The hormones in the body change which results in the body temperature being affected. Women can have what is commonly called “hot flashes,” which are sudden increases in body temperature.

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In a typical Williams fashion, she said she “slayed and laid Halloween. LOL!” She also thanked Caesar Galindo, who is her costume designer and the “Glam Squad” who are responsible for her makeup.

For a regular person to avoid heat stroke, the best thing to do is to watch your body temperature. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If you feel dizzy, get somewhere that is cooler if possible. For example, get out of the sunshine, get into the shade, and find a ventilator fan to sit in front of or an air-conditioned space to lower your body temperature.

Heat stroke normally is temporary; however, it can be life-threatening, especially for elderly people and young children. If you experience this problem and do not immediately recover naturally within a few minutes, seek professional medical attention.


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