New Website Tells You If Robots Will Take Your Job


Millennials may think they’re safe working in an office behind a screen, but a new website aims to pop their bubble.

If you’ve been in the manufacturing industry for some time, then chances are you’ve seen first hand the effects of automation on the workforce. Layoffs are becoming more common as robots make more and more assembly jobs obsolete.

What’s surprising, and what WillRobotsTakeMyJob.com aims to show, is that as artificial intelligence progresses, a lot more of the workforce is at risk of being replaced by a robot than one might have assumed.

The website is based off a paper called "The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?” by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne. In it, the authors use “novel methodology” to estimate how much of the United States workforce is susceptible to automation. According to them, 47% of the total workforce is at risk, but some occupations are more susceptible than others.

via WillRobotsTakeMyJob.com

Let’s start off near the bottom of the list. If you’re a day trader or someone else buying and selling securities, stocks, and bonds, you’ve got a 1.6% chance your job will become automated within the next 10 years. Electrical engineers have a 10% chance that a robot will take their job anytime soon. Computer programmers have an alarming 48% chance that computers will become smart enough to program themselves. What this says for a potential Terminator-style Armageddon is downright troubling.


What’s interesting is as you get into much more awful jobs the odds of them becoming automated skyrocket. Maids and house cleaning services? 69%. Long-haul truck drivers? 78%. A security guard working the night shift? 84%. Fast food preparer at McDonald's? 87%. Telemarketer calling at dinner time? A whopping 99% chance your job will be replaced by a robot.

The website only has the most common jobs programmed, so you can’t enter something like “Admiral” or “President of the United States” to see if either of those positions will become automated. But it does give a pretty scary look into the future where half the population will be out of work. If that’s the case, who’s going to be left to program silly websites like this one?

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