Watch How This Father And His Kid Chose To Prank The Mother...... The Reaction Is Priceless

Roman Atwood is at it again. This time, he's having the help of his two sons to prank his unsuspecting wife.

Dressed in a Spiderman outfit, the little one starts play fighting with his father at the same time his mother returns home. Once she has acknowledged that her youngest is kicking ass as Spidey, she gets asked by her husband to bring him and the boys some water.

Roman is smart enough to ask for a kiss from his woman: it will most certainly be the last one he gets from her in a long time should the prank go through.....

Once the wife is out of sight, both kids go in hiding and a classic bait and switch is set into place. A toy dummy with the same outfit is then used as a decoy for the now in hiding son.

The wife returns, water in hand, and Atwood perfectly times it to make it seem he accidentally threw his kid off the balcony.

They both run down the stairs in fear, as they should. Once the wife reaches the immovable body next to her sofa, fear and panic being heard in her voice, she then realizes it was a prank all the time.

Her reaction, and Roman's as well, are hilarious to say the least. She does not find this funny at all and poor Roman is now destined to sleep on the couch that night.....

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