The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus On How He Wants To Write Daryl Off The Show

Norman Reedus plays one of our favorite characters in The Walking Dead TV show, Daryl Dixon, and he knows how he wants to see the fan-favorite written off the show.

If you are an avid viewer of the AMC series, you’ll know that Daryl Dixon is unique to the show because it isn’t a part of the comic books written by Robert Kirkman. Since there is no source material for Dixon, his presence means there's always something new when the character is on-screen, and the possibility of his demise is always a hot topic for fans. 

In a recent interview with CNET, Reedus was asked if he was given the opportunity to write the end of his character, what would he write.

"I would walk up over a hill and then a little wolf puppy would come out of the woods and follow me up," says Reedus in his interview. "And people would just go, 'Whatever happened to that guy?'"


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Reedus’ version of goodbye is going to be difficult for his fans because it’s very positive and not controversial at all. After all the struggle, Dixon definitely deserves it.

Season seven of The Walking Dead has been the darkest season ever, especially after the Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character Negan, was introduced. The 48-year old actor confessed during the chatty interview that season seven was the most difficult season to shoot. Reedus absolutely hated shooting episodes during which he was imprisoned in solitary and in the brutal hands of madmen. In season seven, Dixon barely saw any other characters. He spent most of his time in the prison, mostly crying, completely naked, and eating dog food.

Reedus also revealed some season eight spoilers. He said that season eight is all about getting back to the spirit that started The Walking Dead. Aside from Daryl Dixon, other characters that will most likely make an exit are Father Gabriel, Simon, Jerry, Carol, and Morgan.

Season eight of The Walking Dead premieres on Oct. 22, 2017 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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