Usher Sued By Multiple Women For Spreading STDs

Multiple women are suing Usher for allegedly giving them an STD.

According to the DailyMail, three people are claiming he had sex with them without revealing that he has genital herpes and are now suing the singer. Manhattan attorney Lisa Bloom, who claims official lawsuits will be filed this week, is representing the two women and one man.

Earlier today, one of the accusers, Quantasia Sharpton, spoke at a press conference in New York City with Bloom by her side. The 21-year old revealed that she slept with the singer a couple of years ago after one of his concerts. She went on to share that she was shocked last month to find out that he has herpes.

During the press conference, Sharpton revealed that she tested negative for the disease. However, she is still suing Usher because she was deeply upset by the news he had an STD, especially since she recently had a child. She shared that she felt violated by the singer with holding such crucial information during their sexual encounter.


The other two clients being represented in these litigations have chosen to keep their identities private. Bloom has confirmed though, that one of the two unnamed victims has tested positive for the disease. These lawsuits are solely based on news reports that the singer allegedly settled a herpes case for $1.1 million back in 2012.

Bloom also took the podium at the press conference to explain that her client’s actions are not about herpes or money. It is about how each of the victims' sexual rights were violated and that their "trust and faith [have] been shattered.” She further explained that “'No one in America, even a popular celebrity, is above the law.”


Usher has not responded to the herpes allegations, nor has anyone from his camp. He has also not yet released a statement regarding these new cases against him. In fact, ever since the media frenzy broke last month, it has been radio silence from the “Confessions” singer.

Three different people have come forward to sue Usher, claiming that he knowingly had an STD and continued to have sex with them without disclosing the information. What do you think about the latest drama surrounding Usher Raymond IV?

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Usher Sued By Multiple Women For Spreading STDs