Usher Accuser Lied About Intimate Tape

The woman accusing Usher of exposing her to the herpes virus recently went on YouTube to say she has video proof the megastar singer slept with her: they made a sex tape. Now, days after her interview, her attorney is saying there is no sex tape and this is all a big “misunderstanding”.

Quantasia Sharpton is suing Usher for allegedly exposing her to herpes after reports surfaced that the R&B crooner had been diagnosed with the virus. The lawsuit alleges personal anguish and seeks unspecified damages.

Usher denies ever sleeping with Sharpton, with sources close to the singer saying she’s not his type.


In response to the allegations, Sharpton took to YouTube and spoke to vlogger Miss Jacob Kohinoor to say not only did the pair bump uglies, but they also made a video recording of the main event.

Evidently, her attorney didn’t get the memo, since shortly after the interview her attorney, celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom, told TMZ that there was no sex tape at all. She is, however, trying to subpoena hotel surveillance cameras for videos showing Usher went with Sharpton to her hotel room back in 2014.

According to a former employee, she says she saw both the singer and Sharpton at the Days Inn Hotel in New Jersey following Usher’s concert in November 2014. She said she saw Sharpton come down, greet the famous singer, and then the two went back upstairs.


If true, then it is possible the hotel may still have surveillance camera footage of the pair in the lobby, however, it’s also possible the hotel doesn’t keep their footage long enough to hand over to Sharpton’s attorney.

Usher denies ever sleeping with Sharpton, saying that at the time he was spending all his free time with his manager and soon-to-be wife, Grace Miguel. Usher’s publicists also state that during the night he was allegedly with Sharpton his show ran late, making it impossible for him to be where Sharpton claims.

This latest fumble with a false sex tape is not good for Sharpton’s credibility, and could seriously hinder any pending legal proceedings.

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Usher Accuser Lied About Intimate Tape