The U.S. Secret Nuclear Fallout Bunkers: What You Need To Know

Given the current political state of the United States of America, it really should come as no surprise that the government has hidden a number of secret fallout bunkers across the United States, most of which were built as a result of the Cold War.

Following the release of Garret M. Graff’s new book, Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government's Secret Plan to Save Itself--While the Rest of Us Die, the national security expert details the harrowing story of how the government only has plans to save itself in the event of a disaster. So don’t go waiting by your mail box because chances are – unless you are one of those select Elite few – you won’t be receiving an invitation anytime soon as they have been – to no surprise – designed to keep the general population out.

Find out exactly what you need to know about these secret U.S nuclear fallout bunkers below.

Secret Bunker: Raven Rock, Pennsylvania

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Located just 6 miles north of Camp David – the official retreat of the President – is the Raven Rock military complex, which was built following the end of the Second World War. Opening in 1953, the complex can accommodate approximately 1,400 people and even has a secret tunnel that connects to the Presidential retreat.

Despite some uncertainly revolving around the facility when the Soviet Union collapsed, it was thoroughly refurbished following the events of 9/11.

Not so secret anymore, President Obama also surprisingly opened the facility to the public to visit on the weekends.

Secret Bunker: Peters Mountain, Virginia

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Hidden behind the front of an AT&T communications station, the Peters Mountain fallout bunker is buried beneath the Appalachian Mountains. The facility houses enough space to cater for hundreds of staff, which will help provide stability in government during the event of a disaster.

It has been said The US civilian leadership, which includes the likes of the cabinet, President and Supreme Court will be taken to this facility to ride out an attack.

Fact: They Plan To Survive On Household Pets

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Hold Fluffy close because the government elite are planning to survive on your household pets. The government planners have estimated that they can accumulate over 11 million man-days of rabbit meat from the surrounding forests and plains of the Peters Mountain complex, along with 10 million man-days of wild birds and five million man-days of fish. Arguably the most chilling fact is that the planners have estimated that they could survive nearly 20 million man-days on the meat of household pets.

Let’s just say they have plans to survive quite some time comfortably.

Secret Bunker: Mount Weather, Virginia

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We can’t help but think of the events that occurred at Mount Weather in the TV series The 100, so it’s understandable to be a little weirded out that there is a fallout bunker located at Mount Weather, Virginia.

This secret facility is said to house the ‘survivors list’ which contains the names and addresses of people that are needed to help rebuild the U.S. in the events of a disaster. The Mount Weather bunker is located approximately 60 miles west of the White House and has 20 barracks for troops inside the mountain.

Fact: Family Members Will Not Be Permitted

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Could you imagine being told that your loved ones were not safe in the event of an attack? Well that is exactly the case for the families and spouses of cabinet members as they were surprised to find that there were no provisions to save them – only their spouses' secretaries would be safe, as they too will be rushed to the blast proof fallout bunkers.

Thankfully, many of the members of the cabinet now have their wives as secretaries – coincidence? Doubtful.

Secret Bunker: NORAD - Colorado Springs

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Completed in the 1950s, the North American Aerospace Defense Command facility is built inside the Cheyenne Mountain and is primarily responsible for defending both the United States and Canada from air attacks.

The NORAD secret bunker is arguably the most famous bunker in America and is able to withstand the electromagnetic pulse that is associated with a nuclear attack. The facility – unlike other secret bunkers – isn’t made for long term accommodation as it can only house up to 1,000 people over the span of a month, which is much shorter than many other bunkers in America.

To make the facility a little less intimidating, it began providing a Santa tracking service that allowed children to track his location and warn them to be in bed before his arrival.

Secret Bunker: North Lawn, Washington DC

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Let’s be honest, this secret bunker really doesn’t come as a surprise as it is said that the North Lawn of the White House holds a secret bunker dubbed the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC). According to Graff’s book, Dick Cheney was rushed into this facility during the 9/11 attacks.

Much like NORAD, the North Lawn bunker is only designed to be used for short periods of time.

During Obama’s Presidency he ordered a $376 million upgrade to the small facility, which was supposedly to upgrade the facility’s air conditioning – that’s one expensive air-con!

Fact: The Presidents Blatantly Lied To Our Faces

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Given the political world we live in today, it comes as no surprise that the government and Presidents blatantly lied to the American population.

During the Cold War, America built many secret underground bunkers in the case of an attack occurring, or even worse - a nuclear strike. But in typical government fashion, they were not built to protect ordinary, everyday Americans as the fallout bunkers were purely built to shelter only the most elite government officials.

To make matters worse, Presidents Kennedy, Eisenhower, Roosevelt and Truman all knew that the bunkers could only accommodate the elite, but continued to assure the American people that they too would be safe in the event of an attack.

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