Tourists Are Unknowingly Being Fed Dog Meat By Bali Vendors

Evidence provided to ABC news by Animal Australia claims that tourists are unknowingly being fed dog meat by Bali vendors. Eating dog meat is legal in Bali, but it's illegal in major parts of the world because of animal cruelty laws. Most of the dogs are poisoned and killed for dog meat production. This makes the meat all the more unsafe for human consumption and consuming this poisoned meat can lead to adverse effect on human health.

Animal Australia’s campaign director, Lyn White said that dog meat trade breaches animal cruelty laws and food safety laws. She also continued to say that dog meat is creeping into the tourist food chain slowly. Most of the tourists are unaware that they are eating dog meat instead of chicken.

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An investigation led by Animal Australia obtained evidence that the dogs are strangled, and poisoned. A Satay vendor admitted to an Animal Australia investigative that he was selling dog meat. But, they tell a different story to the tourists. A group of Australian tourists asked the vendor if he is selling dog meat, he declined and said he was selling Satay chicken instead. The tourists happily ate it.

White also said that if RW is written on the shop then it means they are selling dog meat. The tourists who aren’t aware of this get fooled.

The undercover agent, Luke (he changed his name to conceal his identity), from Animal Australia conducted a four-month investigation. He pretended to be a documentary maker interested in learning about local cuisines. According to him, by lying he was able to pinpoint the key players in the racket.

Luke was invited by a restaurant owner to document his father, Pak Puris, catch dogs in Kintamani which is located in North Bali. He said that catching was very aggressive and intense. The dogs cried and wimpered. Some of them tried to bite through the ropes to escape, but nothing helped.

When asked how he can stomach watching dogs being killed, Luke said that being an animal cruelty investigator has trained him to be prepared for it and he focuses on the camera and shoots the gut-wrenching videos.

Animal Australia is planning to tie up with the Bali government to tackle the issue and find a positive solution on it.


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