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BREAKING: Tortoise Actually Beats Hare

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BREAKING: Tortoise Actually Beats Hare

It seems slow and steady truly does win the race after all! In a recent race, a tortoise was placed head to head with a hare and miraculously won!

The video, which was first published on YouTube and rapidly spread across Twitter, features a cute, floppy-eared bunny and a large tortoise (who seemingly has a piece of grass hanging out of his mouth), sorting out a lifelong feud to determine if the tortoise can really beat the hare.

The animals were each assigned their own lane, and it was obvious that the bunny was very easily distracted from the get-go. At the start of the race, the hare can be seen scoping out his surroundings, allowing the tortoise to impose an early lead.


While the tortoise was at the halfway mark, the hare still lagged behind at the starting line- until he really kicked into gear and caught up with the tortoise at the halfway point. Unfortunately for the hare, however, he seems to get distracted once more. The owner even had to take drastic measures to try to get his attention and attempt to motivate him to move faster and finish the race as a winner. But her efforts were futile, and the tortoise inched his way to the finish line.

The epic tortoise vs. hare match-up managed to get quite a large audience. While the video is in Thai, it is audibly obvious that the crowd was very excited, and totally shocked, that the tortoise actually managed to beat the hare in a speed competition.

Some commenters on the YouTube video believe that the bunny was frightened by the crowd and the loud noises of the audience. Perhaps he was new to the competition world and not properly trained so he got a little spooked. Regardless, victory was sweet for the tortoise, who not only beat the hare but did so with a bit of a snack hanging out of his mouth.

The children’s story of The Tortoise and the Hare originated from Aesop’s Fables and depicted a tale of a hare who was constantly bragging about how fast he was. Even so, a tortoise challenged him to a race, with the motto “slow and steady wins the race.” And as we all know, the careful tortoise beat the pompous hare fair and square.


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