Top "Yes Man" Moments

What is a "Yes Man" moment? It's when you or a friend say yes and as a result something foolish, bizarre, or magically funny happens. You know a yes man moment when you hear about it because your follow up question is always "why the hell did you do that!?!?" 

1. When Your Friend Agrees To Wear A Panda Suit

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2. When You Agree To Letting Someone Dance With Your Girl In The Club

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3. When You Tell Her That You'll Carry Her Bags

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4. When You Agree To Fight Someone Bigger Than You

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5. When She Tells You She's On Birth Control

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6. When You Say Yes To Taking A Picture... While Secretly Squeezing Booty!

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7. When You Agree To Go On A Date With A Stranger 

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8. When You Say Yes To Anything In Vegas

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9. When You Let Your Girlfriend Talk To Your Friends... Who You Don't See Anymore

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10. Saying Yes To a Grizzly Bear Disguise In Order To Finally Get A Hit In

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