Top 10 Body Confidence Quotes From Hollywood's Hottest

There's no shortage of tabloids and cover stories about weight loss, weight gain, and how to become a perfect 10 if you can just cut out those last 100 calories. Thankfully, there's an army of curvy, beautiful women in Hollywood who have some powerful words to say about how to love your body and stand tall no matter what the tabloids say.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence was voted Number 1 on AskMen's "Top 99 Most Desirable Women" list in 2013.

2. Gabourey Sidibe

Sidibe told the audience at the Gloria Awards and Gala in 2014 that she doesn't appreciate it when people ask her how in the world she's so confident.

3. Scarlett Johansson

Ms. Johansson told reporters that she isn't very fond of the nickname "ScarJo" stating it sounds "lazy and flippant."

4. Lena Dunham

Dunham, the writer, director and star of the hit HBO show Girls has stated she won't get married until gay marriage is legalized.

5. Mindy Kaling

Mindy's official first name is Vera, but she goes by her stage name Mindy Kaling.

6. Zosia Mamet

Zosia (pronounced Zasha) is the daughter of film director David Mamet.

7. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hewitt stood up for women around the world in 2007 after tabloids published candid photos of her in a bikini and criticized her curvy body.

8. Christina Hendricks

The woman who plays vixen, Joan, on "Mad Men" was a model in the 90s before she made the switch to acting.

9. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey admits she gets very competitive when she plays board games and that she loves work more than vacations.

10. Janelle Monáe

Janelle was born in Kansas City, Kansas in 1985 to working-class parents, which inspired her to fulfill her dreams as a musician.

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