Tom Brady Flips On DJ That Insulted His Daughter

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, Tom Brady’s name is getting splashed all over the news. Millions of people are talking about Brady, but one DJ is talking about his daughter.

The DJ, or sports-talk commentator, Alex Reimer, works for WEEI, the Boston Sports Radio Network. Last night, Reimer was busy describing Tom Brady’s new Facebook documentary series called “Tom vs Time.” Most of the series consists of footage of the rigorous strength training that Brady endures. There are moments when Brady’s family life is also featured, and Reimer was not a fan.

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First Reimer complained that the family scenes were over-the-top and too staged. Then he described Brady’s five-year-old daughter, Vivian, as an “annoying pissant.”

Brady was not happy with the insult and conducted a phone interview this morning in response. Brady said,”I've tried to come on this show for many years, and showed you guys a lot of respect.” Then he stated that he was very disappointed. “My daughter, or any child, certainly don't deserve that,” Brady said. He then said “maybe” he'd speak to the station again.


So what’s the deal with Reimer, right? Who goes on the air and insults a five-year-old?

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Well, first of all, in his defense, have you ever tried to listen to Sports Radio programming? These guys are in a constant state of jibber-jabber. They are chitty-chatting at such a high frequency, that they can’t be fully held responsible for what comes out of their mouths.

Secondly, Reimer doesn’t have kids. He’s only 25-years old. Sure, it may seem funny to make snappy comments about kids—until you become a parent yourself. Then, and only then, do you realize that insulting children is more offensive than anything else.

Currently, Reimer has been suspended by WEEI for his comments. He has yet to make a public response. The latest post on his Twitter page shows an article published by Boston Spirit Magazine, profiling his success.

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The LGBT publication hailed Reimer as a “local hero” for coming out publicly, in the sports radio business. In the article, Reimer says he was never much of an athlete and didn’t intend on pursuing journalism. He considers himself more of an entertainer. Well, maybe after all this he can find another gig, which shouldn’t be too hard since most of the country hates the Patriots right now.


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