5 Tips To Help You Land Your Dream Job

Job-hunting is a long daunting process that can get the best of even the most qualified people. It can crush your self-esteem and create doubt in a your worth like a person has never felt before. However, there are certain things you can do to help land that job, and it all has to do with making sure you are properly prepared  before the interview. It is a dog eat dog world out there, but if someone remembers to do these five things before heading to the interview, it will make all the difference.

Research The Company

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Before any interview, you should properly research the company. A list of a few specific details regarding the company will show that you put effort in to learn about where you might work. It will make you stand out, and probably give you a leg up. However, in order to really make an impression, don’t just look at the company’s website. You should do some thorough Internet research using tools like LinkedIn and Indeed. Read reviews about the company good or bad and stress both in the interview.


Print Out Resume & References

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This one should be a no brainer, don’t show up to an interview without copies of your resume and a list of references. Despite so many aspects of the job-hunting process being virtual, good old hard copies of these two items will earn you mad points. By providing the interviewer with these two pieces of information, you show that you are organized. Yes, the interview will likely have a print out of your emailed resume but having a nice new copy handed to them will make all the difference, especially since he or she will not have to find yours among the stack on their desk.


Prepare Intelligent Questions

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In every interview you will be asked if you have any questions. If you are not prepared you will end up asking the same old run of the mill questions that every other candidate has asked. However, if you take the time to prepare some intelligent questions that are specific to the company and the job, it will get you noticed. Stay away from generic questions, but also tread carefully when asking specifics about salary and hours. Making an outline will help you organize your thoughts, as well as the order the questions should ask.


Bring A Notebook & Pen To Take Notes

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It is very important that you take notes during the interview. Not only for yourself to review later, but also so the interviewer can see that you are serious about the position and it is not just another interview for you. This tool is not only about taking notes but also about taking notes with the correct items. Having a notebook and pen may be old school, however, it will come across a lot of more profession than taking notes on a tablet, computer or phone.


Arrive Early & Have The Correct Interviewer Information

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This is a two-part tool but it goes together. You should aim to arrive early at the interview, however, even the best plans can go haywire. Therefore, it is imperative that you have the correct contact information for the interviewer. If by chance you were in the situation where you were not going to make your interview on time, you have to be able to contact the person. Remember, their time is just as valuable as yours, so be considerate. Not calling or emailing that you will be late, is very inconsiderate. It will give the person interviewing you a very bad impression—don’t let that happen to you. Double check before you leave that you have the proper contact information.

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