Tiffany Trump Rocks Distracting Pink Dress [PHOTO]

Tiffany Trump Rocks Distracting Pink Dress [PHOTO]

Tiffany Trump took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off a pink dress that left almost nothing to the imagination.

The President’s daughter, Tiffany Ariana Trump, is spending her holidays at her father’s estate in Mar-o-Lago Florida, where she is “wishing everyone a happy and peaceful year to come!”

Her latest Instagram photo featured the youngest Trump daughter wearing a pink tube-dress that made it look like she was wearing a full body condom, running from calves to shoulders and showing off every curve the young woman possessed. And there were quite a few of them.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful year to come! 💕

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It looks like Tiffany was out on the town since she was wearing shimmering heels, dazzling earrings and bangles, and had her hair back in a ponytail to catch the Florida sea breeze. Whoever took the picture must be holding her phone for the night since there is absolutely no room for pockets on a dress like that.

Tiffany’s nearly 950 thousand followers were awfully split in their reaction to her post. Half of them seemed to share her sentiment in wishing the world a happy and peaceful new year, but the other half seemed very focused on Iran, with many posting the words “help Iran” in the comments section.


The US has held strict sanctions against Iran for decades, with devastating economic effects on the Middle Eastern country. Many of the most stringent sanctions were lifted in 2015 as part of a deal to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear arsenal, but President Trump has indicated that he disapproves of the deal brokered under the Obama administration and wishes to renew sanctions against the beleaguered country.

The 2015 deal was signed by China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom. The US is alone in threatening to torpedo the deal.

Meanwhile, a Boxing Day Twitter post from Tiffany has also taken the internet by storm and once again polarized the online community.

Ivanka and Tiffany are seen wearing bikinis and blowing kisses at the camera in dazzling sunlight while “Oh Holy Night” plays in the background. “Merry Christmas”, Tiffany says to the camera.

Few people seemed to share the sentiment, wondering why Tiffany’s end of year address seemed to lack any form of charity.

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