This Pitbull Might Make You Re-think Everything You Thought About The Breed

There's been a longstanding debate over Pitbulls and whether or not they are a naturally violent breed of dog. Raging for several years, it's still up in the air over whether or not the breed is dangerous.

One Twitter user, named Alyssa Lopez, threw her two cents into the fray and has been retweeted over 100,000 times as a result:

Lopez told Buzzfeed that she found her Pit wandering the streets. The family who owned it decided to just leave the dog outside rather than actually transporting it to a shelter and officially giving it over to proper authorities. The dog, named Buddy, has proven himself to be one of the sweetest dogs ever.

The tweet sparked a series of replies showing off a kinder, sweeter Pitbull despite the opposition:

Not to mention how cute Pitbull puppies are:

Honestly, they kind of look like the happiest dogs on Earth:

I mean look at that face:

Whatever you might think of Pitbulls, you have to admit, the previous pups looked about as dangerous as any other large dog breed. It's hard to believe how the breed could have been singled out of so many.

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