This Man Dancing Has Become The Internet's Favorite New Meme

A new meme has been born thanks to a winter wedding!

Posted to Reddit's r/pics by user RadioGuyRob, he titled it "My friend went to a wedding. Someone took this. Enjoy, internet."

And the internet did indeed enjoy.

They made him into a dance-y gif

Via: 2TheBreezes/Reddit

He made this aircraft carrier way cooler:

Via: Funny-Lookin-Stalin/Reddit

He's been dubbed Partycus!

Via: CMatthewMan/Reddit

u/Pow12 put him in the rave he belongs in:

Via: Pow12/Reddit

He's also been placed in several movies, like Pulp Fiction:

Via: -Doitforthejohnny-/Reddit

Man of Steel

Via: bringthefiretothepeople/Reddit

And Titanic

Via: Smilax/Reddit

He also frequents NASA parties:

Via: huskymuffenz/Reddit

He's also great friends with Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man:

Via: Funny-Lookin-Stalin/Reddit

He's very supportive:

Via: -WPD-/Reddit

He does not make a good co-worker though:

Via: artuniting/Reddit

And he's not a very good painting either:

Via: Vinceslas/Reddit

Really though, we'll always prefer the original:

It's just too perfect of a moment trapped in time.

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