This Is Why You Don't Take Selfies During Forest Fires

Let this lesson be learned: Do not take selfies while standing in the middle of a massive fire.

Kevin Kwok was travelling through South Wales when he drove straight into a bushfire which had started in the area of Kundabung. Of course, Kwok stayed in his vehicle and drove away from the fire as quickly as possible!

If that were true this article would be finished, but that's clearly not the case. Instead, Kwok thought it would be a great idea to park his vehicle, exit, and take an Instagram video selfie.

In the video, Kwok says "There is a fire, and I'm not sure which way to go," adding "I hope I survive... This is not good right now. This is a bit of a situation. Oh my god, I can’t breathe. F*ck bye.”

A truck passes Kwok in the video, a vehicle which he could have followed to safety. According to Mashable, NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons responded to the video saying "Use some common sense. If you come across a bush fire, you should be thinking about your safety, not selfies."

Kwok responded to negative comments on the video explaining that he was the one who let emergency services know where the fire was via his Instagram location.

Kwok's comments have yet to be verified by emergency services, and honestly, who decides the middle of a bushfire is the exact place to stop and use the restroom?


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