This Guy Bathing In Nutella Is About The Grossest Thing You'll See This Week

The world has a deep love for Nutella, but no one could have ever thought it was intended for this.

YouTuber CemreCandar decided to take his love of Nutella to a new level but putting 600 lbs of the sticky stuff in a bathtub and jumping in.

If it were any other color it would look like a scene from American Horror Story... as a matter of fact:

You're welcome, AHS!

By the way, this is what Candar does. His channel is completely dedicated to bathing in unusual things, and in the past he has taken a bath in the following:

-Hot Sauce


-Blended Oreos

-520 lbs of Chocolate

He also does skits, but what we really want to see is the clean-up on this job. You certainly can't let the Nutella go down the drain, and thinning it out with water is impossible since the tub is completely full.

Actually, that should be CemreCandar's next video!

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