These Wildlife Photos Will Make You Think Nature Is A Little Bit Less Scary

The Natural History Museum located in London has put out its list of nominees for its 2016 People's Choice Award for Wildlife photography.

The gorgeous collection of photos has its fair share of photos that make you want to exclaim, "Damn, Nature! You scary!"

Like the photo of this Lion about to consume this baby Wildebeest:

Taken by Johan Kloppers, the photographer witnessed the birth of the calf, and its death in the same day.

Or how about this frightening photo of this greedy Crocodile, taken by Bence Máté, getting ready to chomp down on a delicious meal:

Or these Golden Snub-Nosed Monkeys caught in a territorial stand-off by Stephen Belcher:

Mother nature can be a very cruel mistress, but within photos of these inherently terrifying animals, there are also beautiful moments of sweetness as well.

A mother comforting her baby, taken by Alain Mafart Renodier:

These shrimp teaming up to navigate a deadly fire urchin forest taken by Sergio Sarta:

This Polar Bear cub hitching a ride on its mother's bum taken by Daisy Gilardini:

And these Snow Geese hanging out together taken by Gordon Illg:

These Brittle Stars hopped onto a large jellyfish in order to disperse themselves further out in the ocean.

Taken by Andrea Marshall

This adorable Giraffe wanted to have breakfast with the photographer, Cari Hill:

It's getting cold, and these Snow Monkeys were caught cuddling for warmth by Thomas Kokta:

Speaking of, these Penguins shot by Gunther Riehle have got their cuddle game on point:

Cast your vote for your favorite photographer on the Natural History Museum's official site here. Voting ends on January 10th, 2017!

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