TheRichest Staff Writer To Release Novel, "On Ice"

Scott Stevens has been a writer for many years and has just finished his first novel due to be released in early 2017. He joined our staff here at The Richest just about a year ago and has gathered quite a following. Early feedback from those who have read his book, On Ice, says it is something that should not be missed.

The two main characters, John Kinkaid and Tammy Marx, meet under very unusual circumstances and their lives are forever changed. Tammy, a housewife, has lived a quiet life raising her two children. In a home where her husband abused her and cheated on her, Tammy had a plan to get out of the marriage but things didn’t go as she had hoped.

John Kinkaid, a former United States Marine, is a member of Detroit’s top SWAT unit. After being with the unit for many years, he is getting ready to retire from the force. His past relationships have failed miserably, and it can be mostly attributed to his love of alcohol. He carries his self-destructive ways into the workplace and finds himself taking the law into his own hands, getting into a whole heap of trouble along the way.

When John and Tammy’s lives cross paths, it starts them down a winding trail of good and bad times that neither would have imagined. Tammy finds herself doing things outside of the box, completely out of character. John finds himself with feelings he hasn’t had in a long time, but is it enough to change is old ways?

Tammy Marx, played by Jenny Shaprio

If you crave drama and adventure from a book, this will certainly quench your thirst. It also features a steamy love affair and plenty of other shocking surprises throughout. The story ends with an ironic set of circumstances none of us ever hope to encounter.

Here are a few early reviews of the book that say this is a “must read”:

Bonnie K. said “I really enjoyed reading On Ice. I found myself very engaged and rooting for the two main characters. They were both easily identifiable so I could relate to them and their situation. One of my biggest pet peeves when I'm reading a book or watching a movie is when it is predictable. I just want to scream when I know what’s coming. On Ice definitely was not predictable, and that is one of the things I enjoyed most about it. I especially loved all of the clever twists and turns peppered throughout the book, but the ending was my favorite part. On Ice had it all - - adventure, love, suspense, shock, surprise and best of all, irony. It was a great read and even though the ending was awesome, I was still sorry to see it end. I really wanted to keep reading!”

Another reader, Suzanne M. said “I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t wait for the next chapter. It’s a great story that grips you and you want to know what’s going to happen. On Ice kept me fully engaged with the main characters and I found myself rooting for them. I couldn’t help but hope they found a happy ending together, even though it looked like that wouldn’t be possible. You won’t want to put it down, I didn’t!”

Ray B, said, “When I was presented with On Ice I was already reading a book by a famous author. I figured I’d give this one a look over and return to that book later in the evening. I ended up not picking that book up until I finished On Ice. I’m not saying that it’s better, but I am saying it made me forget all about that other one until I was finished with On Ice. It’s that good!”

And Joan L said, “On Ice was an unexpected pleasure.....not like those books you read and half way through you know the ending! I loved the character, John. He was someone whose next move you could never imagine, and he often pushed the limits of just how far one can go. Tammy was a bright light in his life, and I enjoyed her caring enthusiasm. The book moved fast, was unpredictable, and once I started reading, I did not want to put it down. Now I'm waiting for Scott Stevens' next book to enjoy.”

The book is due out in 2017. If you love great stories that keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more and more, On Ice is a must read for your reading enjoyment! This story is bound to land itself on the New York Times Best Seller List for sure!

Click here to check out the promo for the novel featuring music from the band Joined Forces (Jimi Bell, Livio Gravini, Mark Franco and Joe Aparo).

You can find Scott Stevens on Facebook and can keep up to date on the promos and the release date for this very entertaining story.

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