The World's New Most Expensive Restaurant

It’s called SubliMotion

It’s located on the party island of Ibiza in the Hard Rock Hotel

The hotel just opened this year and aims to be the ultimate accommodations in Ibiza.

Its executive chef is Paco Rancero

He has been awarded two Michelin stars for one of his past restaurants and has won other awards including the 2006 National Gastronomy Award.

It fuses the culinary with the technological

sublimotion gif hard rock hotel ibiza

The setting is the “channel”, the cook is the “emitter”, the diner the “receiver”, the food is the “message”, all of which creates a microenvironment for dining.  The dining experience is meant to take the visitor through a variety of emotions and even climates.

The decor is controlled by an “operator”

What this means is that light shows and projections play across all surfaces in the room, from the walls to the table.  These images are meant to change according to which course is being presented and how the meal is progressing.  The operator follows the chef’s voice in order to do this properly.  An example of a projection is grass sprouting from the table and butterflies fluttering past the plates.

Only 12 patrons are allowed in at a time

Reservations are currently being accepted via their website and by phone.

It consists of 20 courses

An example of one course consists of the room getting colder, images of the North Pole appearing, and a cold snack arriving with a complimentary "miniature iceberg" for each guest to carve.  However, the official menu has yet to be revealed.

... And Costs approximately $2000 US per Person

Miniature icebergs (ice-cubes??) don’t come cheap these days.

But in all seriousness, this place does look amazing and the food is bound to be incredible.  Check out SubliMotion’s website for a video that perfectly illustrates what they’re all about.

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