The Strangest McDonald's Items from Around the World

1.  Maharaja Mac

Because Indians generally do not eat any meat that comes from a cow, McDonald’s India menus are heavy on the chicken.  This is made clear by the all-chicken (and aptly named) Maharaja Mac, their version of the famous Big Mac.

2.  McAloo Tiki

If it’s not made from chicken, then potatoes and peas can make up the patties for the “burgers” at McDonald’s India.  This one is made with Indian spices and a sweet tomato mayo.

3.  Bubur Ayam McD

In Malaysia, McDonald’s is diverse enough to serve a type of porridge consisting of chicken, ginger, shallots, and chilies.

4.  Georgie Pie

Along with a variety of pretty healthy-looking wraps and way more chicken sandwich options than North America, McDonald’s New Zealand also has Georgie Pies.

5.  McSpaghetti

Believe it or not, this is featured in the Philippines.  Even more interestingly, it seems to be paired not with meatballs but a breaded chicken drumstick, though there is apparently ground beef in the tomato sauce.

6.  Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill

This hearty sandwich hails from Singapore and looks pretty damn good.

7.  Corn Pie

This one is pretty self explanatory but it’s still pretty bizarre to North Americans.  The McDonald’s Thailand Pineapple Pie is in line with our fruit pies here, but this pie is made from what appears to be creamed corn and is listed under “Desserts” along with the pineapple.

8.  The Italian

Because it seems that people from all around the world crave Italian food, McDonald’s brings the people of Bahrain and other Middle Eastern countries The Italian, a chicken parmesan-esque sandwich complete with garlic basil sauce.  The website proclaims it’s an Italian “trophy of deliciousness”.

9.  McArabia

Made with tehina sauce, Arabic flatbread and either Kofta or chicken patties, this sandwich is popular in many Middle Eastern countries.  Funnily enough, Turkey, South Africa, and a number of other countries, have variations on the McArabia that simply use different pita bread, different sauce, and of course a different McName.

10.  Ruis Feast

This is probably one of the healthiest looking burgers you’ll ever see from McDonald’s so it probably comes as little surprise that it’s from Finland.  The Ruis Feast is made with rye bread rather than a white bun so that the Finns can choose to get in some complex carbohydrates with their McD’s.

11.  Le Croque McDo

While a simple croque monsieur can look mouth-watering and absolutely delectable, Le Croque Mcdo looks like something you’d find in a children’s plastic play kitchen and probably tastes just as good.

12.  McBaguette Thai Curry Chicken

This sandwich is not featured in France or Thailand but a country that I assumed would have a schnitzel burger, but curiously doesn't seem to.  Germany is home to this sandwich, along with two other curry sandwiches.

13.  Creamy Stars

New to Italy, Creamy Stars make me hope that no one who orders them understands English especially well.

14.  Snack al Parmigiano

To redeem itself, McDonald’s Italy does have a chunk of pure parmesan cheese on their menu.  Now we’re talking.

15.  Beef or Chicken Salsa

To continue the trend of having special menu items that do not necessarily match up with the country’s own culture, we have the Beef Salsa of Norway which comes with salsa (obviously) and what appear to be tortilla chips right in the sandwich.  Viva Mexico!

16.  The Prime

All you really need to know about this burger is that the meat and cheese are specially sourced, it has arugula on it, and it retails for around $12.  Of course, it’s from Switzerland.

17.  Greek Mac

The Greek Mac actually is native to Greece but due to its popularity ,has been served in countries such as Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, and Belgium.

18. Gracoro Burger

Filled with shrimp and macaroni in a white cream sauce,  It’s essentially McDonald’s Japan’s version of a lobster macaroni gratin, except between two buns and possibly with even more cheese.

19.  The McLobster

Featured in the Maritimes and occasionally elsewhere in Canada, the McLobster is a special summer menu item.

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