The Internet Has Been Fooling You With These Fake Viral Photos

The internet is abound with fake photos, and sometimes real photos with fake histories. So how do you know what is real, and what is just Photoshop shenanigans?

Well, we've got a group of suspicious photos here that have been circulated time and time again and thanks to a little research here's the real story behind them.

No, Heath Ledger did not do a kick-flip over Christian Bale:

I'll admit, even this one had me fooled. While Ledger did have a habit of skating around Chicago during the time of shooting, this photo is sadly fake. The original has the actor merely jumping over Bale.

This is not a crazy Hillary supporter standing on the US flag:

The activist in question is Latausha Nedd and she's holding a Pan-African flag which someone poorly photoshopped into a Pro-Hillary flag. Unfortunately, that didn't stop conservatives from running with it...speaking of...

This is not a photo of a sick Hillary Clinton

If you can't tell from the bright logo in the corner, this photo of a run-down looking Hillary was published by Info Wars. The site is known for being less than reputable, which is unfortunate for us all because its found a supporter in Donald Trump. Here's the real photo:

This is not how they shot the MGM logo:

This photo has been going around since Carrie Fisher tweeted it out back in June. It looks like some animal cruelty happening in order to shoot the famous MGM logo. However, this photo manipulation is actually Samson the lion undergoing a CAT scan.

Samson had, for unknown reasons, stopped walking and was taken to Israel’s Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, where he was treated for neurological issues and recovered fully.

This photo supposedly depicts the actual shooting of the lion for MGM, but could also be a publicity photo created at the time:

This is not Malaysia Airlines flight MH17:

This is the plane from Lost:

This photo is what comes up when you search MH17 in images, which means the photoshop has overtaken any actual factual photos.

This woman is not the Angel of Kobane:

Here's a photo with a completely bogus backstory. Shared as the "Angel of Kobane" or "Rehana," the story claims she's taken the lives of over 100 Islamic State fighters. However, the BBC debunked the photo saying it was taken months before it started trending:

The Swedish journalist Carl Drott was the only international journalist in Kobane at the time and had a short exchange with her before the ceremony. He says she was not a front line fighter at all, volunteering instead with the home guard or police force of Kobane. He says its therefore unlikely she has killed huge numbers of the enemy. "She came up to me and said she used to study law in Aleppo but that Islamic State had killed her father so she had decided to join these forces herself," Drott says. "I tried to speak to her afterwards but never managed to find her or get her name." (The name "Rehana" seems to have come later and is not a common Kurdish name).

We still respect and admire her courage, regardless.

This is not Marie Curie:

This is actor Susan Marie Frontczak, who played Curie in a production called Manye. What's embarrassing is that this photo was used by the country of Togo on a postage stamp, not knowing that it was an actor and not the real heroine.


Equally, this is not Frida Kahlo either.

Well not exactly, it's a composite image created by Robert Toren in 2012 using a model. Here's the original:

This woman is not saving a magician from a trick gone wrong:

What she is doing is attacking a fellow burlesque dancer.

You read that right. Kitty West smashed the glass box containing fellow performer Divena the Aqua Tease as she was performing her underwater strip dance. The two were rivals and Divena had gotten top billing which threw West into a furious rage. She smashed the tank while Divena was inside then once the water had drained attacked the woman by pulling her hair. She was arrested, and the whole debacle ended up being published in Life Magazine.

While it's beautiful, this is not a shooting star:

It's not a photoshop either though! This picture is actually a 2-minute exposure of the 2010 space shuttle launch. Which makes it just as cool honestly!

All in all, this only re-enforces that you can't believe everything you see these days! Were you able to spot the fakes?

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