The Canadian Immigration Site Has Crashed In The Wake Of Trump's Win

During the tumultuous election here in the US yesterday, Gizmodo reported that the Canadian website for information on immigration was repeatedly crashing due presumably to a surge in traffic.

Ina Fried, the senior editor at Recode, was one of the first to report the crashes:

Additionally, USA Today released this graph showing the insane traffic spike for "How to immigrate to Canada."

There were also traffic spikes for the search terms, Immigrate:


And Immigration:

For those of you wondering, Canada has a very streamlined system for determining who can or cannot enter the country. Something which can be determined with ease on the site. Those factors include but are not limited to:

-A skill that can be used in Canadian businesses

-A job in Canada

-A job working in agriculture or skilled labor

-Relatives or friends who have nominated you for permanent residency

-A position as an entrepreneur with a high net worth

The site is currently back online for the moment, but it would not be unsurprising if it continued to crash throughout the week.

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