The Bachelorette: What You NEED To Know About Rachel Lindsay

In Bachelor's 33rd season (featuring Nick Viall), Rachel Lindsay was everyone's favorite on the show. But we were all taken by surprise when - even before her elimination from the Bachelor - she was announced as the new Bachelorette. With a law degree and in her early 30s, Rachel Lindsay is definitely one of the most ‘real’ bachelorettes the show has ever seen.

On Monday, the 32-year-old attorney made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to talk about her journey to find love. Rachel will become the first black bachelorette on the show.

Lindsay is a University of Texas graduate in Kinesiology and Sports Management. She later got her law degree from Marquette University. She now practices law in Dallas, Texas and has expertise in insurance law, as listed on her firm's website.

Rachel comes from a close-knit family. Her father is a federal judge. Coming from a strict and orthodox family, her sister and she go to her family church every Sunday. When she was on the show, she got along well with most of the contestants and considered them friends for life.

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The show's host, Chris Harrison said that her pool would consist of men who are slightly older, are well-educated and obviously more mature. In a recent interview, Rachel did reveal that she is nervous about the show and she can't wait to experience her journey of finding love.

There would definitely be a lot of discussion on the show related to color and racism. It a historic moment for the show too as it was criticized for not being diverse with their selection. So after 33 seasons, finally the producers brought some diversity.

Rachel is happy being the first woman to represent the American-African people on the show. Lindsay would be choosing her life partner from 31 contestants. She has already announced that she did get engaged on the show, now we just have to watch to see who her suitor really is.

The 34th season of the show premieres on Monday night from 8 pm to 10 pm on ABC. We are so excited because this show is definitely going to be different than others.

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