New Texts Reveal What Killed Lil' Peep

New texts reveal what caused Lil' Peep's death.

Rapper Lil' Peep, whose real name is Gustav Ahr, had an entertainment industry trajectory that was headed up, way up. Fans loved his unique music and his in-your-face, unapologetic style, which rapidly built his following. This also got him a major photo spread in GQ Magazine in the early part of his career. Lil Peep was originally from Pennsylvania but grew up in New York’s Long Island area. He died while on tour in Tucson, Arizona at the age of 21 years. old.

Lil' Peep started his music career by releasing the mixtapes Lil Peep Part One and Live Forever during 2015, which garnered immediate attention from online fans. During 2016, he released two more album-length mixtapes Hellboy and Crybaby. In August 2017, he released his first album Come Over When You’re Sober. He was on tour promoting the album when he died.



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TMZ reports Lil Peep’s death is attributed to a drug overdose. Authorities are investigating if fentanyl was involved. Fentanyl is an opioid, which is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine. It is one of the widely abused “prescription” drugs and is responsible, according to the CDC, for the deaths of over 5,000 Americans each year. It accounts for over half of the deaths from opioid overdoses in America.

In the hours before his death, Lil Peep went on Instagram to tell his fans he was taking psilocybin “magic” mushrooms, which are a hallucinogen and concentrated marijuana, extract. After that, he told fans on Instagram that he took six Xanax pills, which are an anti-depressant. There is a suspicion that the Xanax pills were laced with fentanyl. He posted a video on Snapchat showing him clumsily taking some pills and shaking the bottle to show he had more.

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He also posted the ominous tweet of “When I die, you’ll love me.” Previously, he told fans he wanted to become the new Kurt Cobain—the lead singer of Nirvana that killed himself. In the Snapchat video, it appears that he was already heavily drugged when he took more pills, saying that he “almost choked to death trying to take them.”

His manager was keeping an eye on him during all of this drug use. At around 5:45 p.m., the singer wanted to nap before his performance later that evening. After that, his manager went on the tour bus to check on him three times. The first two times he found him sleeping peacefully and breathing; however, he tried to wake him but he was unable to.

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The third time, the manager found that he was dead. The manager called for an ambulance and gave CPR until the paramedics arrived; however, the efforts were too late. Lil' Peep was pronounced dead at the scene.

The evidence that his alleged drug dealer, a fan named Mariah Bons, gave Lil' Peep the drugs comes from text messages that Tucson police authorities discovered. The text messages put her with Lil' Peep and his entourage called the “Goth Boy Clique” at the time shortly before his death on his tour bus. They show she gave them drugs, they “got high af,” Lil Peep passed out and she was not able to wake him. TMZ was able to obtain these screenshots below of the alleged text messages being investigated by police.


Fans are calling for the arrest of Mariah Bons. a petition started on Change.org has already collected 28,000 signatures. Police continue the investigation; however, so far, no arrests have been made.




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