Teen Mom OG Star Shares Emotional Post About Mental Health

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra shared an emotional post about mental health. It was a post he almost deleted, but his desire to connect with even one person won out.

Baltierra opens up about how he has been feeling in a candid post on mental health.

“I was about to delete this post… then I thought about it more deeply,” he wrote. “If I can at least connect with one person through this & let them know that they aren’t alone in their struggles. It will make being vulnerable worth it #KeepFighting #KeepTalkingMH," he wrote along with the video on Instagram.

In the video, he talked about not wanting to cry in front of his child because he doesn’t want her to feel any of his pain. Baltierra discussed how everyone has good days and bad days, that is normal. However, if a person is depressed or having more than a bad day, he or she should talk to someone.

This is not the first time the reality star has been open about his battle with depression. In January, he shared with his followers about how he was attending therapy. Baltierra discussed how creating self-care time is important for everyone. It is something that people need to make a priority for but don’t.

“I made it. I made it to my therapist appointment. Putting in a little self-care today, know what I mean? Sometimes you have to put yourself ahead of some other people sometimes in life. Doesn’t mean you don’t love ’em or care about ’em. It just means you love ’em enough to put yourself first so you can be the best ‘you’ you can be,” he shared in a video.

Tyler Baltierra shared an emotional post about mental health, telling his story in the hopes of helping anyone else dealing with similar issues. The 26-year-old has been battling depression for a long time but he got help. His story is like thousands of people who battle mental health each year.

Along with dealing with his own issues, Baltierra is also supporting his wife Catelynn as she deals with childhood troubles. Catelynn is in rehab for the third time.


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