Taylor Swift's Amazing Teen Lookalike

It isn’t every day that you are stopped for looking like a celebrity. An Australian teenager has people run behind her because she looks exactly like Taylor Swift. Teegan Jarratt, 18, a Dominos delivery driver, is approached by fans because of her resemblance to the American pop singer.

The Taylor Swift doppelganger is an aspiring model in addition to working with Dominos. She attends children's parties dressed as Taylor Swift. Before starting this part-time business, Teegan said that she would feel anxious because of the attention she got. Things have changed now, and she has embraced her newfound fame.

Teegan, a resident of Queensland, Australia, says that she doesn’t see any similarity between the pop star and her. She has short hair like Taylor, and the same hair color. When people started identifying her, they would come up to her for autographs and photos. Teegan suffered from social anxiety back then, which didn’t go well with her when the people came up to her.

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When Teegan was in Gold Coast in 2016, some cars were stopped, so that she could get on her way because everyone thought she was Taylor. People pulled over and jumped out of the car to get a photo with her, while the paparazzi were ready with their cameras and followed her everywhere. This made her self-conscious for a while but later boosted her confidence when she got used to it.

Teegan first realized her resemblance to the singer-songwriter on her trip to the United States of America in 2015. At some shopping center in America, she was stopped by a few fans of the singer for a photograph with them. She was just 17-year old at that time and fled away from the situation as was struggling with social anxiety and battling with anorexia.

Over the years, Teegan has been in contact with Taylor’s fans multiple times and now feels confident and pumped about herself. Teegan still suffers from anxiety but the entire situation has made her feel much better.

She wants to become a model or pursue a career in the police department. She also aspires to talk about mental illness and inspire women to love themselves.

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