Student Sues University For Not Getting Him A Job After Graduation

A former Canadian university student is suing his alma mater for not providing him a quality education and thus preventing him from getting a job, according to court documents.

James Stuart completed his doctorate in microbiology from the Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine back in 2007. Afterward, he went to try and get a job in his profession and was rejected for not being able to pass a qualifying exam, essentially saying he didn’t know enough about medicine to be able to enter the job market.

Now he’s suing the university for what he alleges is a breach of contract.

Students expect to receive a quality education after spending thousands (or sometimes, tens of thousands) of dollars, but Stuart says that the University of Western failed to provide him that education.

According to court documents, Western’s five-year post-graduate microbiology program "provided substandard education in its post-graduate medical training, thereby undermining the Plaintiff’s effort to become a certified specialist in medical microbiology."


From the court docs, he may have a point. According to Stuart, the program became a goat-show after key faculty left the university. Soon after many students began to drop out, either transferring into other programs or leaving the university altogether.

Court documents say that “by the time he was in his third year as a resident he was the only one left in the medical microbiology specialist program.”

Not one to quit, Stuart stuck with the program even though it had completely fallen apart. After finishing his degree, he went to become certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario which required him to take an entrance exam - an exam that Stuart failed three times.

Stuart alleges that he’s a good student and that what’s holding him back isn’t his smarts but his lack of education from Western.

Stuart alleges that paying thousands of dollars enters both him and the University of Western into a contract to provide him with a quality education. Since Western failed to live up to their end he gets to sue. He’s seeking $11 million in damages.

Judges have already asked Stuart to amend his claim twice, which was originally made back in 2014. His third amendment now has court approval to proceed.

And they say millennials are lazy.


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