Stephen Colbert's Reaction To The Election Is Here To Supply Some Hope

The election of Donald Trump as the United States' 45th President has left much of the country stunned, but thankfully Stephen Colbert was there to give those of us who did not want Trump as their leader some words of wisdom.

Colbert, in classic fashion, injected some humor into the situation but also pointed out that as Americans we need to unite more than ever. That, despite the differences in political beliefs, there are so many other things to bring us together rather than drive us apart. It is in these basic commonalities that the people of the United States can truly band together, and fight off hatred, sexism, and bigotry.

And above all, we as a nation agree, that we should never, ever, have another election like this one! Do you agree?

Now please, get out there! Kiss a Democrat! Hug a Republican! Give a Libertarian a reach-around!  I don't care. The election is over. You survived. Good night, and may God bless America.

God bless America indeed.

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