5 Stars We Hope Are On U.S Celebrity Big Brother

Julie Chen announced last Thursday that Big Brother Celebrity Edition is headed to CBS this winter. This will be the first ever celebrity edition in the US, which means the stakes are high for the network to find the right cast.

It can be very tricky though when dealing with celebrities. CBS must find a cast that is willing to be on reality TV, have the ability to spend months locked in a house and most importantly, people that fans will actually care about. Let's face it, that can be a tall order. So to help out the powers that be at CBS, here is a list of five stars that should be Celebrity Big Brother.


Spencer Pratt

Via Bravo TV

The Hills villain would be the perfect choice for the Big Brother house. He can lie and backstab with the best of them, as fans saw on the hit MTV show. Plus, he will likely be pretty good at competitions. Pratt is also very ruthless, which is one trait desperately needed to play the game. It would be amazing if Heidi would come too, Spiedi would literally rule the house. However, since Heidi is about to give birth to their first child, she is probably out.

Kathy Griffin

Via Los Angeles Times

She is loud, proud and speaks her mind. Griffin is also very familiar with reality TV. She had her own show on Bravo. The comedian could definitely hold her own on a social level, but we're not sure how she would fare in the comps. However, the drama that could unfold between her and Pratt would be priceless. Also, she is still reeling from her most recent controversy, so this could help jump start her career again and give her a platform to say whatever the heck she wants to millions of viewers.


Ryan Cabrera

Via Entertainment Tonight

The singer is a long time Big Brother super fan, so he would be the perfect addition to the show. His music career never quite took off and to date, he is best known for being Ashlee Simpson’s ex-boyfriend. but moving into the Big Brother house for a couple of months could be just what he needs to revamp his career. Also since he is such a fan Cabrera will definitely know the ins and outs of the game, including the best way to win competitions. He is really cute too, so he will make for some nice eye candy for viewers.

Tatum O'Neal

Via ABC News

The former child star is known for her personal scandals these days, but O’Neal could use the reality TV show to give her image a big boost if she stayed away from all the drama. However, considering she is very outspoken that may be tough. If she does, her name recognition could go a long way with the other houseguests. Who wouldn’t want to be in an alliance with an Oscar winner, a child star, Ryan O’Neal’s daughter, and John McEnroe’s ex-wife? She could definitely use all of those titles to gain friends.


Lance Bass

Via Billboard

Not only is he a Big Brother super fan, Bass is also no stranger to reality TV. His wedding to husband Michael Turchin was featured on Lance Loves Michael. Since he is a fan, he will know what not to do in the game. Plus, with his southern charm, is there really a houseguest he couldn’t win over? Despite his love of Big Brother, there could be a couple of glitches with him entering the house. His new reality dating show for gay men was just picked up, as well as Bass and Turchin have shared they are taking steps to start a family.

What stars would you like to see on Celebrity Big Brother?

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