Sorry Guys, Ariel Winter Is No Longer Single...

Sad news to report out of Hollywood. Ariel Winter, the 18-year-old star of Modern Family and Instagram fame, is reportedly in a relationship. What is most unfortunate is that she is not in an imaginary relationship with one of her fans, but in an actual relationship with a living, breathing human being. There is no word on how that individual managed to make that happen, but it is rumored that he developed a bit of Donald Trump-esque magic to convince people he was worth the time.

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Now, as for this guy...

Who's The Dude?

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The lucky man in question is actor Levi Meaden, best known for his work on The Killing, The 100, and the movie Aftermath. In his latest role, as the luckiest man alive, he was found getting cozy with Winter outside of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art the Saturday just after Thanksgiving. If Meaden is smart, he will just let his girlfriend continue to do her Instagram thing, calming the nerves of men around the world.

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