Someone Re-Cut "Little Rascals" As Furious 7 And It's Glorious

YouTube creators CineFix have created their latest masterpiece, a combination of the "Furious 7" trailer with the trailer for "The Little Rascals."

Not only did they mix the audio for the trailer in well with the 1994 kids movie, they even manage to nail some of the dialogue perfectly! It's pretty much the greatest thing ever.

This isn't the only great mashup to come from TrailerMix series on the channel, they're also responsible for this entertaining abomination:

TrailerMix isn't the channel's only show either. They also have a series of movie facts called "Things You Didn't Know":

Homemade Movies re-does trailers has super low-budget films - shot for shot in fact!

And so much more! 8-Bit films, Film v. Book comparisons, Cinefix is clearly the YouTube channel for any movie lover.

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