Bill Nye Explains Why The Solar Eclipse Is A Big Deal

Considering the rarity of a solar eclipse, they tend to get people talking. The total solar eclipse that’s expected sometime on Aug. 21, 2017, is touted as a once in a lifetime event. But among those excited for this event, Bill Nye The Science Guy might be one of the most notable.

Pretty much everyone of a certain age knows Bill Nye for his run on PBS’s Bill Nye The Science Guy TV show where he taught children of the wonders of science. He’s normally seen on various news networks arguing with climate change deniers, and he even has a Netflix special Bill Nye Saves The World where he discusses pseudo sciences, climate change, and other issues. He’s taken the mantle of the de facto science mind in the U.S.A., and whenever the science community needs a voice, Nye has no problem using his celebrity status to spread the word.

So, it’s no surprise that an event like the solar eclipse would bring Nye out to talk to the media about this being an opportunity to get people excited about science. Speaking with Variety, Nye debunked some myths, spoke about why the eclipse is a big deal, and how it could kickstart a love for science for many kids in the U.S.A.

To most people, it’s a once in a lifetime event,” says Nye. “There are many solar eclipses, but you seldom have it going right across the United States like this where you have an opportunity to get in the path.”

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There are several solar eclipses every year, but a solar eclipse like this is estimated to occur once every 375 years or so according to time and date. So, Nye isn’t over exaggerating when he says it’s “a once in a lifetime event.”

And since this has so many people talking, Nye says this is a great time to get children interested in science. Nye stressed the importance of starting that interest when a child is young, because, by the time they’re in their late teens, it might be hard to develop a love for science.


He will be watching the event from Beatrice, Nebraska, and he hopes to take full advantage of the event at Homestead National Monument. The TV personality was alive for the last big eclipse in 1979, but he didn’t get to enjoy it as he was working in Seattle at the time. Looking back, Nye wishes he drove out a bit to catch it, but he doesn’t seem too bothered by missing it.

“I just enjoyed it where I was with a pin hole in a cardboard box. I should have taken the day off. Live and learn,” says Nye.

And while Nye has a nice open space to enjoy the eclipse, he wants the event to bring people together more than anything.

“We are all on the Earth together. There’s no place else to go. Let’s all get along, let’s be nicer to each other, and let’s take care of the Earth.” says Nye. “I hope the eclipse brings out the best of us because it’s bigger than all of us.”

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