Snap Map And Actionmojis Turn Snapchat Into A Stalking App

On Wednesday, 21 June, Snapchat released it’s latest feature, Snap Map, and it has made stalking the easiest job in the world. The social media app released cartoon-like functions called Actionmojis that show what your friends, family, and enemies are doing on an actual map in real-time. Its like as an animated version of iPhone’s Find My Friends app, just a little fancier.

With only one click, you can know where a Snapchat user is. It is a great way to stalk your exes. You can also see if your ex is with someone new, but you need to be following with that someone new on Snapchat and only then will that person’s emoji be displayed next to your ex’s.

Snapchat’s product designer, Jack Brody said that this feature was implemented to reduce the chances of someone faking their location. It makes the app, Snapchat, safer to use. Jack said that it was about layering relationships with friends on top of what is happening in the world.

Via: gottabemobile

If this feature isn’t available on your Snapchat, all you need to do is update the app. Once updated, go to the privacy settings and allow location sharing with your friends. If you only want to share your location with certain friends, you can do that as well. There’s a “Ghost Mode” too which allows you to keep your location a secret. So in case you are already planning to stalk someone, you should remember, it’s really not that easy.

While everyone is excited about Snapchat’s new feature, several schools and parents have raised the issue of bullying that might occur through the app. There are high chances that teenagers may end up sharing more than they might want to.

A child safety organization, Childnet International said that they advise everyone to not switch on their location sharing services of the app and in case they do share that, then they need to do that wisely.

Think twice before sharing your location with someone you know and you don’t. Snap Maps are for fun and should be limited there only. Always remember to turn them off before you head home.


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