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Drake’s Security Team Beat Up Shawn Mendes

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Drake’s Security Team Beat Up Shawn Mendes

Via MetroLyrics/The Boombox

Certain celebrities are hard to get close to, and for good reason—they’ve got hired security to keep them safe and secure from random fans that want everything from an autograph to a lock of hair.

Shawn Mendes, a rising star himself, found that out the hard way after trying to get close to Drake at a Toronto concert. The two were attending The Weeknd’s show when Mendes looks over to spot Drake. Unfortunately for him, he somehow missed the massive bodyguards that were protecting him.

Mendes was on The Tonight Show when he revealed the whole sordid tale to host Jimmy Fallon.

“The other night, I was in Toronto and I went to see The Weeknd,” he says in the interview. “I’m watching The Weeknd, and we’re up on this riser, and Drake’s also there watching the show with like another few artists and stuff. And I go over like, ‘Oh, that’s Drake. I’ll go say hi. He must remember me from previous experiences like twice.’”


Things did not go exactly as planned. The world famous rapper’s security either didn’t recognize Mendes or didn’t care, since as soon as he approached he was confronted and then subdued.


Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

“So I go over and I see him. He’s a huge guy, right? So you don’t just go over to him. I guess not. So I go over to touch his side, and his 6’6″, 300-pound security guard… next thing I know I’m in the middle of The Weeknd show with my arm hooked behind my back. Drake’s security guard just has me completely at his mercy. And I’m like, ‘Oh no!’ I see Drake look over, and in my eyes it was like, ‘Please help me. Please, Drake.’ In that moment, if he didn’t remember who I was, I probably would have… I don’t know what I would have done. I would’ve been in jail, yeah.”


Luckily Drake did recognize him and a crisis was averted, but it could have gone a lot worse for the Toronto singer.  Before going into his aggressive episode with Drake, Mendes spoke to Fallon about his earlier work, his rising stardom, and how he taught himself guitar by watching YouTube videos.

“It’s easier because you get to learn the songs you want to learn, right? And you get to play them at your own pace.”

He also makes his tale of getting discovered sound like a fairly boring affair. “I got the guitar four months before I put up this video online,” the wavy-haired singer explains. “I was pretty bad at playing guitar, but the video still went viral, luckily. And that’s why I’m here right now.”

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