Seth Rogan And James Franco Invade Epic Meal Time For Korean BBQ Lasagna

Seth Rogen and James Franco have pretty much made it their trademark to have anything they do be silly and funny. While promoting their new film "The Interview", the dynamic duo decided to pass by the Office/Kitchen of Online Cook Show Extraordinaire Epic Meal Time.

The result? An outrageous 33,083 calorie Korean BBQ lasagna. Pretty clever of them to use a Korean theme and Korean ingredients since in the movie, Rogan and Franco plot to assassinate North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un. The country has responded that this film, even though is a comedy, will be interpreted as an "Act of War" and will pledge "Merciless Retaliation" against the US, Sony and any other ally should the film be released. Maybe there's a link to the recent Sony Studio Hack in Late November.......

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