Seth Meyers and Kelly Clarkson Caught Drunk In Public

Seth Meyers took a break from his work on the Late Night television show to go out for some afternoon fun with singer Kelly Clarkson. A camera crew came along to make a video of the two as they got thoroughly smashed.

Meyers said that with all the insane political stuff going on, sometimes the best thing to do is take a break and get drunk in the afternoon. Meyers is known for his insightful and comedic coverage of current events with the show segment called A Closer Look that is a part of the Late Night television broadcast and is a feature on the show’s YouTube channel.

The Huffington Post reported that Clarkson and Meyers had a heck of a good time while they were boozing it up. Meyers starts off by chugging a glass of beer, while Clarkson does her best to try and keep up with the pace.


Meyers made Clarkson mixed drinks based on memorable parts of her singing career. The first drink was called the Simon Cowell. It is made with one part hot sauce, one part vodka, and another part of the hot sauce, some bitters, and topped off with more hot sauce. After downing the shots, they both sing out “My lips are on fire!”

Clarkson took a turn making drinks and comes up with a concoction she calls the Blake Shelton in honor of the country music singer and producer who is also a judge along with Clarkson on The Voice. It has bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, Southern Comfort, and some chopped bananas. The bananas are because Shelton is dating Gwen Stefani. “Here’s to Gwen,” they toasted while downing the intense mixture.

They chatted each other up and then Meyers gave Clarkson the cognitive test given to the POTUS by his doctor recently. Even though she was thoroughly drunk she passed the test with frigging, flying colors by naming 18 words that start with the letter “f” in one minute.

To prove how big a fan he is of Clarkson’s music, Meyers performed an ear-shattering rendition of the hit song Since You’ve Been Gone that was a major pop hit released by Clarkson during 2004.

Like all of those “What did we actually do?” type of drunken episodes, this one ended up with a big finale. The two went on the rooftop of the building and screamed phrases for anyone within earshot that cared to listen to their drunken tirade. It was hilarious. We’ll drink to that!


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