Selena Gomez Wraps Up Stint In Rehab

Selena Gomez quietly checked herself into rehab to deal with nagging mental issues, but despite that, she was spotted out and about enjoying life.

Selena Gomez has always been a bit private about her need for medical treatment while undergoing it. On the other hand, she has been very public, after the fact, regarding medical treatments, such as when dealing with lupus by having a successful kidney transplant.

However, it did surprise her fans that she needed to go into rehab. Her life seemed to be going very well, except maybe with her feud with her mother over whether it is a good idea to go out with Justin Bieber again. So why would she need rehab?

Hollywood Life reported that Gomez recently spent two weeks in rehab in New York. She has to be very careful with both her physical and mental health in order to stave off any complications from lupus.


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She went into rehab, not because of drug or alcohol abuse problems, but because she was experiencing lots of anxiety and depression. She felt it wise to take the time off, under professional care, to focus on her personal needs without distractions.

While at the facility, she was able to come as go as she pleased, and even take care of minor business issues. During the two weeks, she worked with the therapists, ate healthy meals that were prepared on-site, and practiced Pilates, and meditation.

She came out of the experience empowered and motivated. Her focus now is to pursue new music recording efforts.


She was recently seen in Los Angeles with Justin Bieber, rooting for him, while he was playing a hockey game and they went to church together. Bieber seems to really want to look after her and help make sure that she does not overwork or get too stressed out with concerns about her career and life.

To make sure that anxiety and depression do not get the better of her, she already plans to return to the rehab facility later in the year for another mental health break. In the meantime, she seems to be enjoying life once again.


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Selena Gomez Wraps Up Stint In Rehab