Selena Gomez Posts Apology After The Weeknd Deletes Photos Of Her

Things have been a bit mixed up for The Weeknd lately. It is a combination of the bitter and the sweet. His music career is as successful as ever, and his world tour is filling up arenas everywhere he goes. The Canadian-born singer is currently in Australia performing sold-out shows in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Those of us dealing with rain and snow in the northern climes may not realize that in the southern hemisphere it is summertime in Australia. The Weeknd must be having a great time, right? Not exactly.

He is also trying to recover from his breakup with Selena Gomez. He delayed the start of his tour so he could be with her, while she underwent kidney transplant surgery this past summer in the U.S. He was probably hoping she would get strong enough to go on tour with him or at least join him for part of it. A duet on stage between The Weeknd and Gomez, while they were in love, would have been amazing. We will never get to see that now.


Hollywood Life reported that The Weeknd recently deleted all photos related to him and Gomez from his Instagram and other social media accounts. We still have a few photos of The Weeknd with Gomez. Obviously, he is very upset about the breakup, even in the middle of his extremely successful tour.


Things started to get shaky in the relationship he had with Gomez when she starting seeing her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber without telling him about it. Bieber and Gomez are followed everywhere by fans and paparazzi, so it did not take long for the media to “out” the kindling of a new relationship between Gomez and Bieber.


all apologies

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The possibility of Bieber and Gomez getting back together again excited the fans. At the same time, it was probably breaking The Weeknd’s heart. Just prior to this news, there was speculation in all the pop media about Gomez and The Weeknd getting married. They were already living together. All of those wedding hopes for The Weeknd and Gomez were dashed when the “Bieb” was suddenly back in the picture.


The Weeknd is probably mad as hell about what happened. Who would have thought that Gomez would get back with the guy who almost ruined his career with his reckless spinning out of control that ultimately ended up landing him in jail.

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Gomez started seeing Bieber again because they were “just friends.” But then, that tiny ember of love, which still remained between them, erupted into a blazing new romance. Gomez says that she was waiting for Bieber to grow up. Unfortunately, that kind of makes The Weeknd seem like a placeholder.

Gomez made a very sweet attempt at a public apology to The Weeknd for hurting him. She is really a nice person and like everyone else, probably unable to control her strong romantic feelings. She posted this photo on her Instagram account with the simple caption, “All apologies.” It will not make The Weeknd feel any better; however, over five million people liked that Gomez did this.

There is no accounting for love. It can make a person feel elated. It can also rip your heart out.


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