Russell Brand Wants To Reconcile with Katy Perry

Stand-up comedian Russell Brand recently confessed that he wants to reconcile with his ex-wife and singer Katy Perry. The couple split five years ago in 2012 after being married for a little over two years. Their romance was a huge thing on media and the two had married in a traditional grand Hindu ceremony in India followed by a private Christian wedding.

The comedian doesn’t regret how his marriage ended, but he did say he doesn’t mind reconciling with her. Being married to Katy Perry was a very important and lovely time of his life. She is an extraordinary person and has positive feelings about the whole experience. Katy was busy all the time with song recordings and tours and barely had time for him. Brand feels that they forgot to protect their marriage’s privacy and that’s what caused it to fall apart.


“It was a very important and lovely time in my life. I don’t regret being married to Katy at all. I have very positive feelings about that whole experience and Katy is an extraordinary woman," said Brand to Grazia. "I’m willing and open for reconciliation, any kind. Because if we can’t overcome our relatively trivial personal disputes in this world, what hope is there for us?”

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Neither have spoken since the divorce, but he feels that if people cannot solve relatively trivial personal disputes in the world, then there is no hope in there. The two were very vocal about their split and Perry blamed Brand for breaking up with her over a text message. Despite all that, The Dark Horse singer called him a very smart man in public recently.


During the interview, the Get Him To The Greek actor was asked if he still has kept the matching Sanskrit tattoo he got with Katy Perry, he said that he did, of course, keep it. After their breakup, rumors were going around that Brand had the tattoo removed.

In the interview, Brand also opened up about his newborn daughter Mabel with wife Laura Gallacher. The English comedian, who is also a famous radio host, said that when Mabel was born, he felt something very different. He was there during her birth and was very overwhelmed by the entire process. He’d heard many men say that they didn’t know they had so much love in them and that’s the same with him. Brand doesn’t know what to do with so much love for his daughter.

Perry, on the other hand, is reportedly reconciling with Orlando Bloom.

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