Record-Breaking Flawless 163-Karat Diamond To Be Auctioned

During 2016, a 404-carat rough diamond was discovered in Angola, and now it will be auctioned. It was given the name “4 de Fevereiro,” which means the fourth of February in English. This date is Independence Day in Angola. That is the date in 2016 that this amazing diamond was found. It is the largest diamond ever found in Angola and the 37th largest ever found in the world. During the following 18 months, the 404-carat rough diamond was transformed by a team of 14 master jewelers. They worked a combined total of over 1,700 hours on the rough stone to reveal a perfectly flawless 163.41-carat emerald-cut D of the type IIA, which is absolute perfection.

Type IIA diamonds are rarely found. The largest one is called the Cullinan. It was 3,106.75-carats as an uncut, rough stone. It was cut into a number of polished gems. The largest one is also called the Great Star of Africa. It is 530.4 karats. It is the greatest, clear diamond in the world. The four de Fevereiro diamond joins this rare breed of diamonds that have been favored by Kings, Queens, Sultans, Sheiks, and other monarchs for centuries.

ABC News reports that a necklace made using the four de Fevereiro diamond that was created by the Swiss luxury jewelry company De Grisogono will be offered at the Christie’s auction in Geneva on Nov. 14, 2017.

The necklace has almost 6,000 emeralds of perfectly matched color on the left side and 18 large baguette-cut diamonds on the right side to complete the loop. The beautiful, asymmetrical necklace offsets the emeralds mounted in blocks on the left side with graduated baguette-style diamonds that go from 0.5 karats to eight karats up the right side of the necklace. At the focal point of the necklace on the bottom, the 163.41-carat Four de Fevereiro hangs surrounded by four baguette-style diamonds, each of approximately 0.3 karats. In total, this necklace contains over 350 karats of precious gems.

Before the necklace goes on sale at auction, it travels the globe on a world tour of the Christie’s locations for all to see. The tour started with the unveiling of the necklace in Hong Kong on Sept. 29, 2017, and then the necklace goes to London, Dubai, and to New York, before returning to Geneva for the auction in November. The Jewelry Editor has the complete schedule of this diamond necklace’s world tour.

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Record-Breaking Flawless 163-Karat Diamond To Be Auctioned