We Can't Unsee: Post Malone's Mustache Looks Like Two Dogs Kissing

Post Malone has been taking over the music scene with his newest hit “Rockstar” featuring 21 Savage, but that’s not the only thing that has people buzzing.

With an eclectic sense of style and a unique look, there’s one part of Post Malone that you’ll never be able to unsee. Just last week, Justice, a Twitter user from St. Louis took to the social media website to point out an observation about Post Malone’s moustache.

BuzzFeed picked up the tweet commenting on the uncanny resemblance of rapper Post Malone’s mustache as two dogs kissing and reached out to Justice.

She mentioned how “there was a tweet a couple months back about his mustache so when I saw that picture, it popped back up in my head and it took off from there”, Justice continued by saying “nobody can ever unsee it”.

Twitter and the rest of the social media world went into a panic! Users were delighted, shocked and disheartened at the realization of what Post Malone’s mustache truly looks like.

One Twitter user claimed it “ruined Post Malone forever”, while another had to “spit out my drink”. Looks like some people aren’t taking the new realization of Post Malone's 'stache all that well.


The biggest question though, is what type of dog is Post Malone carrying on his upper lip?

Many online users came up with so many breed suggestions from Corgis, to Maltese, but according to BuzzFeed News, the breed that takes the win are Old English Sheepdogs, and they could not be more right!

As if Post Malone wasn’t quirky enough, the rapper will forever have two dogs kissing as a mustache. Now good luck trying to unsee it, ever!


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We Can't Unsee: Post Malone's Mustache Looks Like Two Dogs Kissing