Pornhub Traffic Skyrockets In Cleveland After World Series Game 7 Loss

There was little about Game 7 of the 2016 World Series that wasn't breathtaking, awe-inspiring, and dramatic. The Chicago Cubs, the team that caused multiple generations to roll its eyes with each post season loss, finally did the unimaginable and beat the Cleveland Indians in one of the greatest string of games in American sports history. The entire series, the final game, and the broken 108-year drought are what will be remembered most.

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This is certainly the case if you ignore Cleveland Indians fans. Their team has not won a World Series ring since 1948, making their streak of championship-less seasons almost as bad as the Cubbies. Fortunately, the Internet provides the world's greatest distraction when your team loses a big game in the middle of the night  Just after the game ended, Pornhub.com experienced a 96% increase in traffic from people in Ohio, compared to only a 45% spike from users in Illinois.  At least on Pornhub.com, Indians fans can always feel like a winner.

Source: Total Pro Sports

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