Who Is Poppy? What You Need To Know About The Mysterious Singer

That Poppy, also known as simply Poppy, is the brainchild of Moriah Pereira. Moriah grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and then moved to Los Angles in 2014 to pursue her dreams to become a famous musician. She signed to Island Records and released her first song Everybody Wants to Be Poppy during 2015, followed by her first album Bubblebath released in 2016. She has a YouTube channel called thatPoppyTV with over 130 million views so far (July 2017). She calls herself a “kawaii” Barbie child. Kawaii is the Japanese word for "cute." The Poppy character is inspired by J-pop style. She is the spokesperson for the “Hello Sanrio” collection. Sanrio is a Japanese company that specializes in making and selling cute things, such as the world famous Hello Kitty line of products.

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Musical Inspiration

Poppy says her inspiration comes from a combination of J-Pop, Elvis Presley, and Cyndi Lauper. Others have likened Poppy’s style to be reminiscent of Gwen Stefani when Gwen was performing as the lead singer of the band No Doubt. Poppy is sweet, cute, and her pop songs have a nice dance beat. This is the kind of music that a person can listen to, with headphones on, while skipping down the street. Poppy also released an experimental ambient music album called 3:36 Music To Sleep To with the tonal sound design of the album based on the sleep study research conducted by the Washington University School of Medicine.

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Surreal Video Style

Poppy works with director Titanic Sinclair to create a series of surreal videos with odd juxtapositions that are visually compelling, stimulate curiosity, and are somewhat eerily serene. Her first video was simply of her eating pink cotton candy. Posted about two years ago, it went viral and has over one million and a half views. Her voice is like an animated character with a tone you would expect the daughter of Barbie to have or what a mannequin would sound like if it could speak.

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Where Poppy Pops Up

Besides having a huge following on YouTube, Poppy and her music show up in a variety of interesting places. She made appearances at festivals for social media events such as VidCon and DigiTour. She performed a cover version of the MGMT song "Kids" with the musical group called Heyhihello. She was a featured guest artist on the song "Hide and Seek" by Eppic. She worked with Steamy In the City Creator Studio to make a music video of the Alt-J's song Breezeblocks and the Mazzy Star’s song Fade Into You. One of Poppy’s tracks entitled Money is used in The Sims 4 video game and also was used as part of the soundtrack for the television series Scream. Poppy also did a SnapChat series for Comedy Central.

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What Poppy Knows

The subjects for Poppy’s videos are of a transitory nature without any bounds as long as a pastel tone can be applied to them. She started out with three animated episodes of Everyone Wants to Be Poppy where she goes on an adventure to find a magical kale shake, meets a “douge” (a mispronunciation of “dog”), and gets helpful advice while slurping from a bowl of Vietnamese soup. Poppy has a video where she reads from the Bible. She has one where she says “I’m Poppy” over and over for ten minutes. It is mesmerizing and has over 9 million views on YouTube. In others, she explains gravity, how to play the ‘P’ chord, and why Thursdays are so boring.

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The Future of Poppy

Poppy has been declared the “Illuminati Queen” of the Internet by one of her fans in ThatPoppy Explained. She has been granted eternal magical powers over everything that is pastel. Another fan in a YouTube tribute video called Poppy “The Sexiest Girl In The Entire Universe In The Known Galaxy On Planet Earth On YouTube.” There are plenty who claim that others deserve that title as well, so you can decide if she deserves that title too. Certainly, Poppy is rapidly becoming an international brand phenomenon and we can look forward to the millions of cute young girls with the “I’m Poppy” doll, lunchboxes, pencil cases, and many other merchandising items soon.

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